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9" Round

(2 Layer)





12" Round





1/4 Sheet





1/2 Sheet





Full Sheet





Bundt Cake







(Must be ordered 4 Days in Advance)


1/4 Sheet

1/2 Sheet

Full Sheet












Prices include writing and 6 to 8 icing flowers, and other simple decoration.

Artwork and complex decoration is extra.

Loaf Cakes: $9 Regular flavors, $10 Premium flavors.

Regular Cupcakes: $2.49+tax ...... Dozen: $30 (tax inclusive)

Call us to schedule a wedding cake consultation! Or drop by to meet with one of our professional pastry chefs.

Regular Cake Flavors:


Carrot Cake:

Moist and melt in your mouth, packed with carrot, fruit and spices with a delicious cream cheese topping.

Italian Cream:

Moist white cake with shaved coconut and chopped pecans. Topped with homemade cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Twist:

A zesty, fresh take on a flavor favorite. Moist, this cake is light & refreshing!



Our classic, fluffy, white cake. Vanilla flavored and delicious.

Yellow Butter:

A classic traditional flavor just like your mom used to make. Our golden, buttery cake can be perfectly paired with our rich white or chocolate frosting.

Sour Cream Coffee:

Sugar and spices swirled through this sweet cake makes the morning much easier to wake up to.  Decadent mix of cream & cinnamon.

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip:

Rich devil’s food cake with semi-sweet chocolate morsels and smooth, creamy chocolate frosting A chocolate lover’s dream!


Red Velvet:

Our original European recipe. Rich in both taste and style, this cake fuses strawberry & chocolate flavors to make it one of a kind.


Banana Chocolate Chip:

This delicious & unique flavor is sure to be your new favorite. Creamy banana cake paired with rich chocolate chips.


The freshest way to sweeten your day! Our strawberry cake’s juicy, sweet flavor is perfect for spring & summer cakes.


Try this sugary, spicy cake at your next Fall get together. The ultimate comfort flavor.

Banana Nut:

This recipe has all the taste of the deep south. Extra thick and packed with banana and pecan flavors.



Premium Cake Flavors:


German Chocolate Cake:

This luscious recipe includes Ghirardelli chocolate and a rich buttery pecan icing. This cake’s texture and decadence make it irresistible

Bacardi Rum:


A fresh, rich taste of the Carribbean. Our Bacardi Rum cake is soaked in a delicious sweet glaze with all the flavor of the islands.


Black Forest:

Chocolate cake with whipped cherry mousse filling. This cake is topped with white creamy frosting, cherries, & chocolate curls.

Strawberry Shortcake:

Light and buttery cake with fluffy, handmade whipped topping. A summer favorite!


This sparkling, bubbly flavor is unique and delicious. This cake is perfect for folks that want taste to celebrate!

Chocolate Ganache:

Chocolate cake covered in smooth, velvety ganache. Incredible!

Pineapple Shortcake:

Light buttery shortcake with crushed pineapple & whipped cream filling


Marble flavor is up to you! We can marble any combo of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Tres Leches:

This “3 Milk” cake is a mouth-watering combo of condensed & evaporated milks & a heavy whipping cream.

Hawaiian Delight:

A Pineapple and coconut sensation. Coconut and whipped cream cover this crowd-pleaser.


Cupcake Flavors:

Chocolate Ganache, German Chocolate, Chocolate with Chocolate Icing, Chocolate with White Icing, Yellow Butter with Chocolate Icing, Coconut Cream, Strawberry Flavor, Banana Chocolate, White Cake with White Icing, Champagne White, Italian Cream, Carrot, Lemon, Pumpkin Spice, and Red Velvet.